Woollen Heart Creatures

Hello, my name is Marta, also known as Dadanoias. After more than 10 years blogging about beautiful inspiring things, I've launched the project of creating my own collection of woolen heart creatures.

I design and sew creatures by hand using wool of the highest quality and environmentally friendly dyes. Each animal is a unique piece, sewn especially for the receiver. The patterns are inspired by animals, myths, and ideas related to magic and various vital positions that we can learn from the animals themselves.

Here you will find my first collection of creatures. I personally carry out the whole process of creation, that's why I take a little more time to sew them, from my studio located in Sabadell, near Barcelona. Always with love, patience, and affection. I hope you enjoy your Woolen Heart Creature as much as I enjoyed making it. Big hug!


Diseño y coso criaturas a mano utilizando lana de la mejor calidad y tintes respetuosos. Cada animal es una pieza única, cosido a mano, con paciencia y mucho amor, especialmente para el receptor. Los patrones están inspirados en animales, mitos, e ideas vinculadas a la magia y a las distintas posiciones vitales que podemos aprender de los animales. ¡Ay, qué ilusión!

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